Week 1 Analysis: Company Research

This is an analysis of companies that I have researched and that I could potentially be part of their creative team and create really awesome work to help companies establish their digital footprint.

Think Creative


The agency was founded in 2000. They focus on brands that are bringing something unique to the world, and are making it better through their products and services. I really resonate with their approach as I also desire to help meaningful/purpose-driven companies make a greater impact. They focus on producing significant work instead of simply designing “pretty”.

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Week 1 Practice: Online Presence Inventory

The purpose of this activity was for us to analyze our public-facing social media accounts and see what necessary “clean ups” would benefit us in our journey to pursuing our careers.

My LinkedIn:


I have had this account for over 3 years and have been keeping it updated for the entire time. Thankfully I have been able to connect with past coworkers and other professionals in my network of friends. I have also been endorsed for some of my skills which I think will be a positive thing for potential employees. I do need to tweak a few things/wordings to match the kind of work I am seeking. I think my LinkedIn represents me well as a professional in the media industry.

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Week 1 Exploration: Job Listings

Position # 1 – Creative Strategist at True (X) 

I think this job would be a great fit for me because it encompasses all of my different skills and career goals. They with the top creative agencies, media agencies, and brands to adapt campaigns into effective interactive engagement ads that educate, entertain, and motivate consumers while delivering on brand objectives. I feel like I would be a good candidate because a lot of the job description says applies to my experience with media, both school as well as my professional experience.

Position # 2 – Digital Designer at C-Spire

I chose this job because it requires the kind of work I want to create – digital design – including print material, social images, emails. I think this would be a great fit since it is mainly designing creative work that is focused on the end-user.

Position # 3 – Studio Designer at Glass Agency

This listing also speaks to the king of work I want to do in the future. What stood out to me is that I would get to work directly with the Creative Director, Art Directors and Designers; which means that I would have great mentors.

It looks like it is more of “production” work, which means that I would be taking high quality creative concepts and adapting it to different media. I feel like I would be a great candidate because of my skillset acquired in the past few months such as Adobe Creative Cloud (required for this position).