• Tell a story about a time you were a member of a group?

I have worked in groups in all of my past work experiences, more recently at Lightmaker. As a project manager, I led a team of creatives and developers in order to get web and app projects done. I participated in every step of the project from client kickoff, to creative brainstorming, to launch. I also worked closely with the other digital producers and participated in morning SCRUMS, status meetings, allocation of resources.

  • Tell a story about a time you led a group?

I have been working in teams for the past 20 months at Full Sail. The school focuses on providing students with real world experience in different media aspects and we were very much encouraged to brainstorm and create together. I believe that this allowed me to develop both my leadership and teamwork skills. In my professional career, I lead a team of creatives and developers while a project manager. One of my biggest days at Lightmaker was when we were developing a timeline for The Jockey Club the day before the Kentucky Derby in 2012. We had last minute requests from client and my team and I worked long hours of the night to get all of the required features completed, tested, and pushed before the big day. I believe that my leadership and guidance helped the team stay motivated.


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