In this post I will analyze three different elevator pitches and categorize them into what I find “Good/Bad/Ugly”.

The “Good”

I thought this was a great pitch because he asks questions and immediately tells the audience how his product solves a problem. He then proceeds to explaining how this is done and includes how the company is going to generate profit. His pitch is well thought and organized and answers several potential questions that listeners may have, which optimizes his time and the attention of the potential investor/employer. I learned that pitching is like telling a story (or should be told as so), and should be told in a way that is simple, clear, and concise. If I was to give this guy any advice, it would be to speak a bit slower, although I do understand the need to say as much as possible in such a small amount of time. Overall, if I was in a position to invest, I would want to know more about his cup advertising idea.

The “Bad”

I consider the pitch below as “bad”. The guy starts off trying to be way too casual and it almost feels like he’s a bit over his head. He apologizes for being unprepared and for wearing jeans. In my opinion, as unprepared as we may be, we should never admit it to a potential employer. His delivery was very generic as he did not specifically mention what position he was interested in. He calls himself a “great leader” and says he has experience but does not mention his background at all. On top of that, he was unprepared and did not have a way to write down any contact information.

The “Ugly”

The elevator pitch below is what I would categorize as “ugly” (starting with her “oh my gosh”). She uses a lot of “umms” and does not deliver the pitch professionally. She seems to be all over the place and doesn’t quite formulate her phrases in a way that represents who she is as a professional and what her values are. She is completely clueless about the company in question and doesn’t mention any actual job position that she is a fit for. This makes the employer feel like she is not prepared for the position and gives him no way to contact her (business card, or cover letter, resume).


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